Elijah List Subscribers: Meet The House of Levi

“A prophetic worship journey right into the Father’s Heart.”

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The House of Levi is lead by husband and wife team, Matt & Kat Romett. They are currently releasing their fourth album, Panacea. Each album takes the listener on a musical journey of the couple’s heart in worship. As they continue to believe for their oldest son’s complete healing, themes of healing, hope, and connection with Papa’s heart are in every album.

They have had the privilege of working with many talented musicians and creative types, who cultured beautiful sounds and melodies throughout each album. Matt and Kat believe that worship changes atmospheres. It breaks off depression. It pulls heaven down, into any space. It brings healing. It brings freedom, and most of all, it cracks open our hearts, so connection and dialogue can happen with our Heavenly Father.

Elijah List Special: 4 Prophetic Worship Albums and Bonus Ebook with Cord Charts & Lyrics

The House of Levi Albums
  • Panacea is a musical and eclectic journey of worship, where raw, open words connect with the remedies of Heavenly Father’s Heart.
  • Healer’s Dream is a collection of worship songs written out of their journey of praying and believing for complete healing for one of their sons.
  • Uke Love is a collection of songs that are a whimsical and eclectic reflection of love, surrender, and hope in the midst of catastrophe.
  • Fire Songs is a collection of songs written in the fire, a journey of worship and prophetic spontaneity that flows into intimate places and ends with a time of intercession.
  • Free Bonus! A selection of Chord Charts & Lyrics from our worship albums (27-page Ebook PDF).