What people are saying

“The Father seeks those that would worship Him in Spirit and truth. When I’ve been with the House of Levi, I’ve felt the synergy that is created when believers pour out their hearts to the Father, as well as drink in the overwhelming love He has for us! There’s nothing like His presence, and I thank Him for Matt and Kat’s hearts that hunger for Him.”Steve Hill –
Christ's Kingdom Come Ministries

“House of Levi is a breath of fresh air. The creativity and sound that they minister with is a reflection of the goodness of God and His creative ability. I always get the sense of creation whenever I am blessed to witness their ministry.”Joseph Harris –
Joseph Harris Ministries

“Get ready for a God Encounter when experiencing worship led by “The House of Levi!” They have a finely toned ability to prophetically understand and communicate God’s heart during worship. An atmosphere is created for healing and restoration to happen. When under the anointing of “The House of Levi” open your heart to receive from God and you will not be disappointed. There is a freedom to worship that will leave you refreshed, renewed and revived!”Peggy Jones –
Peggy Jones Ministries

“Matt and Kat are two amazing people who truly know the importance of pressing into the heart of God and do it so beautifully! I’m blown away by the songs that they write that come out of such deep intimacy with the Lord and in their worship they invite you to take a journey with them into the deep wells of God ! I’ve know Matt and Kat for several years and there is such a maturity but also a child likeness to their pursuit that stirs you up to tap into all that God is offering ! I love these guys!”Ryan Bastress –
Harvest Chapel Community Life Pastor
& Wake Ministries Founder

“The Power behind the House of Levi has been born in their journey. The desert, the cave, the closet and the stage has molded them into a raw, unfiltered, and genuine sound in the earth.”Ted Moyer –
Legacy 360 Wealth Management, Inc.

“Matt and Kat are gifted worship leaders with a huge heart for drawing in the Presence of God to each of our lives. They have such a gift in following the Spirit. Come prepared to experience the Presences of God! We are always blessed when they lead worship for us.”Kim Awckland –
God's Quest Ministries

“You guys are anointed and great to minister with. You are true worshippers.”Barry Perez –
Harvestime Ministries International

“House of Levi Have an authentic voice and unique sound. Their lyrics are graced infused. If you get a chance to see them, be expectant to encounter God. It’s not just some show to attend but rather an experience of cultivating of the presence of God. They not only are talented with sounds to dance to but they are those who worship Jesus in spirit and in truth”Darby Slayton –
Speaker, Teacher, & Coach

“The House of Levi has spent time like David before the Lord, with no audience but the ‘King’ Himself in a regional House of Prayer. Like David, as soon as he started playing the harp the presence of the Lord descended. The House of Levi changes the atmosphere with His Presence through songs that come from the Throne Room.”Joyce Moyer –
Rock Community Church